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Game Design | Level Design | Unreal Developer

My Work

During this 8 Month project, a team of 6 including myself designed and created a FPS that incorporates Titanfall movement mechanics. Each member of the team took charge of a different part of the project with my contributions centering on level construction and programming mechanics and UI.

Project Length

8 Months


Unreal Engine 4


First Person Shooter, Platformer

Itch Link

XenoTrigger Poster

Bold Decisions


At the beginning of the project, the group decided to use Unreal Engine and its Blueprint system.  Within the time we had to develop the project, I was able to learn and take advantage of the Blueprinting system that I had previously never used. With moving fast in mind, I quickly learned Blueprints and executed the designs at the same time. 

Unreal Engine

My time and Sheridan College taught me to use the Unity Engine and its many features. However when it came to my capstone project, I saw continuing to use Unity as taking the easy route and elected to learn and use a different engine, UE4. Though learning how to use a new engine and creating a new asset pipeline may have been a risk, the choice would help us stand out amongst the many projects being developed in Unity.

Design & Develop

Xeno Triggers team consisted of mostly artists with very limited knowledge of programming. This meant that most things that the team designed would fall to me to make in engine. This opportunity allowed me to design and execute on all aspects of the game including the 3 C's, weapon feel, level elements, menu UI, saving and reading save data, and the game loop. This project allowed me to experience and design parts of the game that I would usually not get to do myself which has given me the knowledge and experience to better understand the importance of good design.

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